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Buying a Pool Cover in Denia (Guide to 2022)

Looking to buy a pool cover in Denia? We've got you covered! In this article, we are going to cover all of the basics like why you need a pool cover, where to buy one and of course, why you should choose us here at Tropical Energy Solutions.


What Size Heat Pump Do I Need For My Pool?

Ready To buy a heat pump pool heater but don't know how big to go? Not to worry! In this article we go over the basics and important considerations to think about when getting ready to buy a pool heater. We've included a very hand chart!


How Aqua Aerobics Can Change Your Life

Aqua aerobics is the ultimate in low impact, high calorie exercise. If you suffer from joint pain or just want to take full advantage of your pool, this will be the perfect exercise for you! Especially with a heated pool using one of our top rated pool heaters.


7 Reasons Why To Buy A Pool Heater in Javea 2021

The 7 Reasons Why To Buy A Pool Heater in Javea 2021 Javea Spain, for centuries a small fishing village, has blossomed into an international destination by many of the northern European countries. Up until the mid-1990’s, Javea looked like a completely different place with horse drawn...


Pool Heaters that Run on Solar | What you Should Know

Pool Heaters that Run on Solar | What you Should Know Here in Spain, years of bureaucracy held the solar energy market at a stand still. In Europe, countries in the north like Sweden produce 56% of ALL energy consumed by renewable resources including solar. In contrast...


Heat an Infinity Pool in Spain

Heating an Infinity Pool | What is the Best Way? Have you been thinking about installing a modern infinity pool in Spain? We can’t blame you! Infinity pools represent the most modern cross section of design aesthetics and functionality. In fact, in Spain alone, infinity pools are...


Bomba de calor para piscina

Bomba de calor para piscina | The Definitive Guide to Heating your Pool in Spain If you are in Spain looking for a pool heater, you should learn the term: Bomba de calor para piscina. Basically, that means a heat pump for your pool. Here at Tropical...


Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters

Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters | How they Work to Save You Money   Did you know that a pool heater can increase your property value by up to 5%? If  you’re renting your home, a pool heater can increase your revenue in the winter months by...


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