How To Everything With Inverter Pro

A Warm Welcome From Us!

Here at Tropical we would like to thank you for buying one of our Inverter Pro Pool Heaters. Our goal is to make sure you are able to use your pool all year round and enjoy all the benefits a pool heater can give. Take a look out our instructional videos now to help you set up your pool heater, and don't hestitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

#1: How To Turn On The Pool Heater

Your pool heater experience starts with turning the pool heater on. In this video, our Robby will show you all the steps in disabling the child lock and turning your pool heater on.

#2: How To Set The Temperature

When you start using your pool heater, it is important that it will be heated to the desired temperature. In this video we will explain you how to change and set the temperature of your pool heater.

#3: How To Change Heating Modes

Once the pool heater is up and running, and the temperature has been set, you might want to decide to use a different mode such as eco, to make sure your pool heater will be running as energy efficient as possible. In this video we explain to you how to do this.

#4: How to set up and use the mobile phone app

All of the above adjustments can also be easily done with the app. In this video we will explain to you how to install the app, how to connect it to the pool heater and how to use it.

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