Buying a Pool Cover in Denia (Guide to 2022)

Denia, Spain. Home to over 41,000 people from all over the world. Denia is a popular location for many people’s second home in the sun and a large marina sporting yachts and sailing boats. The people of Denia enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year and a very warm climate when compared to most of Europe.

If you were to fly over Denia, maybe on your way from the UK down to Alicante airport, you would not miss the majestic Montgo Massif with Denia neatly nestled at the base. A closer look will educate all you pool lovers just how many pools the residents of Denia have. There are over 1,000 or maybe more.

So because of this, we wanted to cover (no pun intended) a topic we know at least 1,000 of you will think about. We are talking about pool covers! And remember earlier when we said earlier about looking down at all of the pools in Denia, well we did notice, not many of them actually have a pool cover.

So for all of you residents with cold pools full of leaves, here is your guide to buying a pool cover in Denia.

Why do I need a pool cover in Denia?

Pool covers act as a protective cover from the outside elements as we all know. But did you know that a pool cover can save you money?  Think pool maintenance, evaporation and chemical loss and even heat insulation.

A quality pool cover should protect your pool from dirt and debris clogging up your filters, pump and other vital parts. In this part of Spain, it’s no secret that pine tree needles seem to collect all year round. 

And your pool is not an exception to this! Pine needles, leaves and even dirt can wreak havoc on your filters, collect in the drainage and even be sucked up into the pump over time. A pool cover will prevent this from happening and over the long run, you should see your pool’s systems last for additional time. 

Having a pool cover in Denia will decrease water and chemical loss due to evaporation. Water is not exactly cheap in Spain and balancing the PH of your pool's water does come at a price. A pool cover should be able to reduce evaporation and chemical loss thereby saving you some extra money every year.

Lastly, a pool cover acts as an insulator if you are heating your pool. Think of a pool cover as a big blanket; it keeps the heat in and saves you money because your heating bills are reduced. Even sunlight during the warmer months enters your pool's water and is trapped by a pool cover. Kind of like a greenhouse effect.

What should I look for in a pool cover in Denia?

Pool covers range greatly in price depending on features you might want. In general, there are two major types of pool covers. A hard cover which is ridged and a soft cover with floats on top.

Hard covers are not as common as they are quite expensive costing at least €5,000 or more. Soft covers are generally a cheaper option and work perfectly fine for the reasons mentioned earlier.
With either system, you are looking for a quality product that completely covers the surface area of your pool. The covering material needs to be durable as it will bear the conditions of the outside world. 

At Tropical Energy Solutions, we use GeoBubble, which is a top brand producing swimming pool covers for decades. GeoBubble technology is patented and has withstood the true test of durability on thousands of pools around the world.

When buying a pool cover, it is important that you are buying a whole ‘system’. Just buying a cover is not a convenient solution as you will have to fold the cover and store it when you are swimming. Having a pool cover roller for a soft cover is the perfect way to easily roll out and store your pool cover. 

Be sure the roller is made of aluminum as this will prevent it from rusting. A plastic roller will break over time especially under the Spanish summer sun.

Where can I buy a pool cover in Denia?

With so many pools in Denia, there should be many options on where to buy a pool cover. And although we may sound biased here, we would like you to consider going with us here at Tropical Energy Solutions. Let me make my case.

First, we offer a hassle free solution. We measure and size up your pool and surroundings making sure our pool cover roller will be placed in the perfect spot for ease of use. Our technicians will measure your pool so that our covers fit exactly to your pool’s shape ensuring you get the best fit possible.

After the measurement step, we construct your new cover using our Geo Bubble material. We feel that Geo Bubble is the perfect balance of cost, efficiency and aesthetic style. After all, if the cover doesn’t look right, in your yard, then you may not love it enough to use it!

Lastly, we come back to your house and install the new cover making sure every detail works perfectly and you get the best value for money. Our friendly technician will show you how to use it including the roller so that we leave with you satisfied.


If you live in Denia, own a pool and are looking for a pool cover that will protect your pool, keep it clean and save you money, give us a call today. We speak your language, and we sure do know our way around a pool.

If you are looking for a complete pool system including
pool heating with smartphone capabilities along with a pool cover, we’d love to help you out. We carry the best brands in pool heating and cover the entire Marina Alta. Our staff speak English, Spanish and Dutch so there is no communication barrier.

You can learn more about Pool Covers by Tropical Energy Solutions by visiting our pool covers page

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