Heat an Infinity Pool in Spain

Heating an Infinity Pool | What is the Best Way?

Have you been thinking about installing a modern infinity pool in Spain? We can’t blame you! Infinity pools represent the most modern cross section of design aesthetics and functionality. In fact, in Spain alone, infinity pools are searched for on Google over 6,000 times a month; That is a lot of pools!Since infinity pools are on the rise, we figured it would be a great idea to answer some of those searcher’s most basic questions; questions like: What is the best way to heat an infinity pool in Spain?In this blog, we will cover all of the basics like what is an infinity pool? How do they work? Why are they so popular? And of course, if I am spending a premium for this modern pool design, how do I maintain it and take advantage of it all year round. Let’s go!

What is the Benefit of Having an Infinity Pool?

The benefits of an infinity pool are mostly esthetic. When installed on a sloping floor, an infinity pool can give the illusion of nature blending seamlessly into the pool. You may have been thinking about installing an infinity pool at your villa in Spain. Do the benefits outperform the drawbacks? Let’s be honest, an infinity pool is usually more expensive than a standard pool with a border. Lately a lot of luxury villas and hotels have changed over to infinity pools because of the feeling of luxury it gives. People going on a holiday want to be able to make the most perfect pictures and memories. Installing an infinity pool will give your property more value and you will be able to rent it out for a higher price.

Infinity Pools. Why are they So Popular?

Infinity pools have a unique ability to stretch a person’s imagination beyond the typical ideation of what a pool is. But is this design brand new? Not at all. Let’s get into a brief history of infinity pools.Way back in the 1960’s, an architect named John Lautner was one of the first to create the modern functioning infinity pool. His designs were so popular, one of his pools was featured for mainstream public consumption in the James Bond film “Diamonds are Forever”.Infinity pools have recently been showing up at the most iconic of places around the world. Personally, I believe the most popular infinity pools lie at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This mammoth 100 meter pool sits on the top observation deck spanning across 3 ultra modern buildings overlooking the downtown city center.

Complementing Your Modern Villa

Now, let’s move on to how this translates to you and your life. If you are in the property market or thinking about designing your dream villa here in Spain, chances are, an infinity pool has crossed your mind.Creating an exotic yet tranquil atmosphere right in your very garden draws the mind to wonder. After all, the most exclusive rental properties, hotels and vacation destinations are all moving on toward infinity pool design. But, if you are considering an infinity pool, then you should consider a heating system that will allow you to enjoy it year round. Afterall, shouldn’t you make that big investment pay dividends anytime you want?

How Infinity Pools Work

Although infinity pools look like they work in a different way, they actually work much like a regular pool. The installations we’ve seen on the Costa Blanca at typical residential homes are quite modest in size, yet, a good infinity pool makes use of many elements; more on that later.Basically, the main feature of an infinity pool is, well, the edge. Water cascades off of the leading edge of the pool creating the well known effect. Drama can be added to this by matching a backdrop of the ocean or a horizon line with the water line.In essence, pool water that has fallen off of the edge is “caught” in a system where it is then reprocessed, filtered and should be heated. After this process, the water is discreetly pumped back into the pool where it will eventually make its way over the edge in a never ending cycle.Since Tropical Energy Solutions is all about pool heating, we picked this trending topic of infinity pools because it would seem there could be a natural cooling effect built into the design of all infinity pools. Our aim is to show our readers that our systems can overcome this effect and keep your pool at a very swimmable temperature.

Pool Heaters and Infinity Pools

To start, heating an infinity pool is very possible. That water cascading over the edge doesn’t stand a chance when a top quality pool heater is installed. Words of experience, with an infinity pool, steer clear of solar heaters, they will not work right. Plus, during the winter months, they do nothing to heat your pool to a swimmable temperature, even here in Spain.That being said, let’s look at the data. The top hotels in the world who have an infinity pool, yes even in Singapore, all use heat pump heaters. The thermal dynamics of a heat pump pool heater have what it takes to keep your pool feeling tropical 🏝.The reason is, heat pump pool heaters like the models we carry at Tropical Energy Solutions use the most efficient technology to keep pools heated while using very little energy. In other words, our pool heaters will do the job day after day, year after year.

Why Solar Pool Heaters Are not Effective

We’ve covered this topic in a previous article, but because infinity pools experience an extra loss of heat, we felt it was relevant. Our previous article can be read by clicking here.Because of the cascading effect, we want to let you know, your pool will lose heat at a faster rate than a normal more traditional pool. But fear not, that heat loss is marginal if using a heat pump pool heater. Something a solar system just can not stand up to.Solar pool heaters are great during the summer months when there is plenty of sun. But, if you are looking to use your pool all year, forget it and go with the heat pump pool heater.Now, if you are investing in an infinity pool, chances are you are probably going to invest in a solar power solution for your entire house. We applaud your choice and being a company that stands for environmental friendliness, encourage you that you are doing the right thing. What is even better, our pool heating systems work extremely well with solar panels. On top of that, our pool heaters are all smart enabled meaning you can control every facet like water temperature, time of operation and more.

Other things to Consider with Infinity Pools

Full disclosure, infinity pools cost more to build and operate. They are considered a luxury by the general public and hence, most builders will be able to charge a premium for them. But if you can overcome this or if these drawbacks do not matter, then read on.

Covering your Infinity Pool

Because of the nature of an infinity pool, conventional pool covers will not work as well. Ya, a pool cover may block up to 95% of your pool’s surface area, but debris will be able to collect in the trough at the bottom of the infinity edge unless it is also shielded. Consider this when you are in the design phase.

Automatic Pool Pumps

You should also consider automatic or timed pool pumps. For residential infinity pools, the chances are you will not be in the pool 365 days a year. Having the pump running while you are away on holiday make zero sense and is a waste of power. You can fix this by having an automatic or timed pump. Automatic pool pumps monitor what the water level is doing and switches on t ensure your pool is working at peak performance.A timed Pool pump works on a timer to achieve the same thing. Both are designed to save you additional money while keeping your pool ready to swim at any time.

Additional Pool Chemical Costs

Because of an infinity pool’s nature, water that trickles off of the edge is more susceptible to evaporation; this includes any chemicals you use to treat your pool’s water. Keep that in mind and mention it to your pool cleaner so they can keep a constant eye on the situation.

Infinity Pools and Pool Heating in Spain

With the above information, we hope that you are ready to make the plunge into the infinity pool of your dreams. If you are willing to invest in such a modern pool, we know a pool heater is part of the conversation.If you are on the Costa Blanca, and you have a pool of any type, especially an infinity pool, give us a call. Tropical Energy Solutions offer free consultations even if the pool is not installed yet, we can help direct you to the most economical or performance related solution for your pool heating needs.Our friendly technicians speak your language and proffer all of the answers you need to make an informed choice. If you would like to download our 2021 Pool Heating Catalogue where you will find our top of the range Inverter Pro Series™ pool heaters, click here.Or, if you want to start a conversation, get in contact by emailing info@tropicalenergysolutions.es or call: +34 965 50 46 78.

On 16th August 2021

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