Bomba de calor para piscina | The Definitive Guide to Heating your Pool in Spain

If you are in Spain looking for a pool heater, you should learn the term: Bomba de calor para piscina. Basically, that means a heat pump for your pool. Here at Tropical Energy Solutions we are pleased to be one of Spain’s leading suppliers of heat pump pool heaters. When we say leading, we mean that our products are of the highest quality available in the Spanish market, and Europe for that matter.

Using our expertise, we are going to share with you the top tips on heating your pool at the lowest price point. Let’s face it, energy costs in Spain are higher than some European countries and we wouldn’t want you to splash the cash!

In this blog you will see how a heat pump pool heater or bomba de calor para piscina will bring you the highest savings out of all methods. Plus, when you combine the efforts of your Tropical Energy Solutions pool heater with other tried and true methods, you’ll be swimming all year round at a fraction of the cost. Let’s go!

What is the Best Type of Pool Heater to Buy in Spain?

There are many options of pool heaters to buy in Spain; let’s name a few of the most popular:Heat Pump Pool Heater or Bomba de calor para piscina (of course 😃)

- Solar Pool Heaters  
- Propane Pool Heaters
- Diesel Pool Heaters

Now, we’ve covered most of these methods in another article entitled “Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters | How they Work to Save You Money” but, for those who have not read that article, here is a quick summary.Heat pump pool heaters are the most cost effective, efficient and reliable pool heaters that are also the most versatile. They can be run effectively off of the power grid or a newly installed solar system. They do not require a large footprint and can be moved relatively easily for future construction.

What About Those Other Types of Pool Heaters?

Before we begin, let us take a bit of liberty bashing those other options listed above, this should be fun. Remember, we won’t be judging based on personal opinion, we are going to use common sense and a bit of science 🤓 to make a point. Here we go!

Solar Pool Heaters

First off, let’s talk about all of the different ways solar can apply in a pool heating capacity. Solar pool heating can be applied in a number of ways and meanings. Those ways include: solar energy, solar water heaters, solar panels and solar collectors.

Now, we will save you a bit of trouble by flat out saying one thing. If you are thinking of installing a big, expensive and unattractive solar pool heater on your property, you might as well install a full solar panel system for your house. Why would you pay for a contractor to come out, measure up the job, get on your roof and install a solar system just for your pool. You’d be missing out on the benefits of solar power for your entire house!

A solar pool heater here in Spain will not adequately heat your pool in the fall, winter and early spring months. Please consider this when you are in the decision phase.

Why not?

Solar pool heaters rely on the sun to warm the water. It is then returned to the pool in an effort to keep the pool heated. The ambient temperature needs to remain at a high level to make any kind of difference. In the late fall, winter and early spring, the ambient temperature here on the Costa Blanca is between 9℃ and 16℃ and that is during the day! You can expect no real benefit from a solar pool heater.

What about Solar Panels?

Yes! The most viable and cost effective option would be to run an electric pool heater like a bomba de calor para piscina (muy bien). But, understand that a solar system will only produce electricity to power things. You will still need to buy a pool heater that runs efficiently and does not use too much of your solar energy output. The most effective pool heaters are heat pumps like the models we sell at Tropical Energy Solutions.

Propane and Diesel Pool Heaters
These options are simply archaic and out-dated. Unless you are living in a very rural area in Spain without electricity, we would recommend staying away from installing a propane or diesel pool heater on your property.

We’ve covered this topic in a previous article: “Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters | How they Work to Save You Money

Propane or Diesel pool heaters have a very high initial cost because they require a large tank to be installed on your property.

Also, Spain isn’t known for its low fuel costs.These types of pool heaters also omit greenhouse gasses that pollute our environment. No bueno! If you are serious about buying a pool heater in Spain we would avoid propane or diesel pool heaters at all costs. C’mon, you can do better!

Bombas de Calor para Piscinas

Finally, the king of the ring; Heat pump pool heaters. Heat pumps have the highest efficiency scores out of all of the heating methods for your pool. They have modest initial costs, are very versatile and will absolutely allow you to swim all year.

But if you are going to buy a heat pump pool heater (we’ve convinced you) which one should you buy?

With zero bias, you want to look for a pool heater that will match your pool size and budget. There is no sense in buying pants a couple sizes too small for you is there? No! So why get a pool heater that will not do the job or struggle and eat up electricity to do the job.

At Tropical Energy Solutions, we have a pool heater that can perform and meet your expectations! We carry several models for all types of pool sizes, shapes and temperatures. Our pool heaters are smart phone enabled allowing you to program a heating schedule based on your desires and power costs.

Keep in mind, Spain has increased electricity rates during peak hours in the day. Transversely, they’ve lowered rates during nights when power consumption is lower. With our Smart Pool Heaters you can take advantage of the lower rates to heat your pool. Can’t do that with a solar heater can you?

More Tips to Keep Your Pool Warm

Now that we’ve covered the types of pool heaters and come to the conclusion that a bomba de calor para piscina or a heat pump is best, what other ways are there to maximise your pool heating efforts? In this next section we will look at 3 effective methods of maintaining your pool’s temperature so that you save on heating costs, no matter what form of heating you are using.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are great for maintaining your pool’s temperature. They trap the heat inside the pool area by not allowing it to escape easily. What’s better, if you keep your pool covered during the day, there is a thermodynamic property that applies.

The Zeroth law of thermodynamics states that if object A is the same temperature as object B, and object C is the same temperature as object B, then object C is the same temperature as object A.

Sorry for the nerd talk there. To say it more clearly, if you have three ice cubes all from the same freezer, then chances are, they are all the same temperature.

That works for the above ice cube theory, but what about our pool in the real world? Well, let’s dive into it.

Thermodynamics of a Pool Cover

This is a no brainer! If you are on holiday and don’t have renters or guest staying at your home, don’t heat your pool. Save the planet and conserve energy that is going to waste.

Instead, if you have a pool heater by Tropical Energy Solutions, you can turn your pool heater on from your smartphone. With our pool heaters, you can monitor exactly how warm your pool is anywhere in the world and adjust it accordingly. Now that is what we are talking about!

Keep in mind, if your pool’s temperature is low, it may take a few days to heat your pool to your desired warmth. But, there is a certain peace of mind knowing that it is possible to do at any moment. Options make people happy. When we designed our pool heaters, we wanted to give our customers every modern convenience possible. If you are looking for the most modern, efficient and cost effective pool heater all with smart technology then head over to our contact page to get in touch!

Heat Your Pool During the Night Using a Pool Cover

Earlier we did mention that energy costs are lower at night here in Spain. We would hate to let that go to waste. It’s almost like half price petrol for your car during certain times; would you take advantage of that? Sure you would!

We also briefly explained thermodynamics and how they can be used to your advantage for heating your pool. Given that this section is about heating your pool at night, it would seem that doing this would be less efficient. That would be true, but if you have a pool cover it changes the outcome.

Heating your pool at night with a pool cover traps the heat inside and it can actually circulate back into the pool. We call this phenomenon scavenging. Scavenging works by collecting any additional ambient heat that has not transferred it energy into another medium.If we imagine a rice cooker, there is a cover on the top that holds heat, and that heat is multiplied by the pressure of the heated air. Your pool cover is like that top. It traps heat and pressure creating an insulating effect and drastically increasing the efficiency of your pool heating efforts.This ultimately translates to lower costs for a warmer pool. So heat your pool at night if you are not using it.

Bomba de Calor para Piscina? Yes Please!

To wrap up, we think we’ve covered all of the pools, I mean bases! If you are exploring the best option for buying a pool heater or maximising the pool heater you already have, we are sure you’ll love our insight.If you are in the market for a pool heater or bomba de calor para piscina, book an appointment with our friendly staff. We offer free estimates and consultations for your pool heating needs. We even can work together with solar panel installers to make sure our systems are optimised for their systems. Get in contact today!

On 27th August 2021

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