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Buying a Pool Cover From
Tropical Energy Solutions
Comes with:

These Great Benefits

  • 100% Bespoke Made to Measure Pool Cover
  • Quality Pool Cover Roller
  • GeoBubble Material for the Ultimate in Energy Savings
  • A Cleaner Pool Ready for Use Anytime
  • Less Money Spent on Chemicals and Water Evaporation
  • More!

Roll up Pool Covers

All of our pool covers come with a high quality roller for easy use and safety. We install the pool cover and roller so you have nothing to worry about.

GeoBubble™ exclusive Pool Covers
Right here on the Costas

More than "just" a pool cover with these unique benefits

GeoBubble's Unique





Why are pool covers so important for your pool?

Pool covers act as a giant blanket for your pool. Insulation is key to keeping a pool's temps up with minimal energy.

Adding a correctly designed and installed swimming pool cover not only provides unbeatable safety, but will also reduce running expenses and the need for seemingly never-ending cleaning and maintenance. This is especially notable during the winter months, where a cover will help maintain your pool quality by keeping garden debris, dirt and leaves out.

Why GeoBubble™ pool covers?

We work directly with GeoBubble™ certified technicians who can craft a perfect fitting pool cover for your pool right here on the Costa. GeoBubble is a world class company who's pool covers are proven to retain heat, keep debris out and protect your pool. For more information, please visit their website here.

More Advantages of Swimming Pool Covers:

- Savings on chemicals of up to 70%
- Save on water loss through reducing evaporation by up to 80%
- Save on electricity by reducing filter run time and reducing heating costs by up to 80%
- A covered pool will raise water temperature by approx. 5°C and solar type covers can virtually eliminate the need for heating altogether
- Increased life of swimming pool components
- The added safety and peace of mind of being able to see that the cover is closed, where an unlatched gate may go unnoticed

- Made to measure and totally bespoke

- Cover Roller Included

- Protect your pool from evaporation and chemical loss

- Save massively on energy costs!

- Featuring GeoBubble™
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