Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters | How they Work to Save You Money

Did you know that a pool heater can increase your property value by up to 5%? If you’re renting your home, a pool heater can increase your revenue in the winter months by up to 60%! It is no wonder that pool heating is becoming a trend on the Costa Blanca here in Spain.

A quick Google search on the subject will lead you to pages where people are trying to sell you a heat pump pool heater; but they do little to educate you, the pool owner, as to why they are better.

In this blog, we will show you why heat pump swimming pool heaters are the most modern and best option for your pool. We will also show you, in an easy to understand way, how they work and give you a price model so you can determine your estimated costs when heating your pool.

What is a Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater?

Heat pump pool heaters are a very efficient and environmentally conscious way to heat your pool. All of the pool heaters we offer at Tropical Energy Solutions use heat pump technology. Why? Because heat pumps save you money in the short term and long term. Plus, heat pumps have a much longer service life with most units lasting longer than 15 years.

Typically, back in the 20th century (1900s) pools were heated using gas or propane. This is a very expensive option here in Spain and what’s worse, it produces carbon dioxide as a byproduct. As we know on the Costa Blanca, not every home has a natural gas line yet. This means that a fuel burning pool heater will need a large propane tank on the property.

How do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air then increasing the heat of that air with a compressor. After, it delivers the heat to the water and de-spells the coolness of the water out. It is almost like a reverse air conditioner. With an air conditioner, warm air is pulled into the unit and put through a compressor, instead, on an air conditioner, the heat is expelled out of the back of the unit allowing the cool air to enter your home.

Here is a more detailed account of exactly what happens for all of you science buffs:

As the pump circulates the pool’s water, the water taken from the pool goes through a filter and then the heat pump heater. The heat pump heater has a fan that draws in the outside air and brings it over an evaporator coil. A liquid refrigerant then absorbs the heat and turns into a heated gas. This heated gas passes through a compressor. The compressor further heats up the gas making it very hot.

This then goes through a condenser coil. At this stage you are left with two byproducts; warm water and cool air. Naturally, the warm water is pumped to the pool and the cool air is sent out. It is worth knowing that heat pumps do not actually make their own heat.

Now here is the best part. Heat pump pool heaters operated best in warmer climates like we have here on the Costa Blanca. For a heat pump to operate at its peak, the outside air temperature should be no lower than 7°C. This means that for us in Spain, a heat pump is the best solution for cost savings and efficiency.

What Do Studies Say About Heat Pumps and Their Cost?

The US Department of Energy did a study as to the application of heat pump pool heaters as they were becoming popular. Here is a breakdown of their findings:

“This method of pool heating (heat pump) may be ideal for pool owners who use their pool in warmer weather or who live in warmer climates during the colder seasons”.

Recommended Applications: Swim Season

Pool Type: In-Ground, Above Ground

Pros: Low operating Costs, Environmentally friendly.

Cons: Requires warmer ambient temperatures, higher initial cost. *More on this later

Cost Estimate
: System unit cost range: $3400 – $6000. Installation cost (approx): $350 – $950

Breakdown of the US Energy Department’s findings and How It Applies to Spain

We love this data! Their findings are that heat pump pool heaters operate best in warmer climates. They’ve also found that they have lower operating costs and are environmentally friendly (woohoo!).

The cons listed above only apply to areas with a lower temperature than 7°C. So in other words, not here on the Costa Blanca (woohoo again!).

There was a con listed above stating “higher initial cost”. We’d like a chance to justify that. The higher initial cost is marginal when considering here in Spain a gas-powered pool heater will probably require a large propane or LNG tank installation on your property.

Propane or LNG gas tanks are large, not very attractive and most importantly, expensive. Propane stored in a large bottle brings with it new safety risks that an insurer would charge you for. After considering these costs, a heat pump pool heater is not a very expensive option as it runs off of your house’s electricity.

Here is the whammy: a heat pump pool heater can run off of a solar installation. If you have plans to install solar, it would make no sense to use a pool heater that used fossil fuels.

How Do I Pick a Great Heat Pump for My Pool?

As mentioned earlier, heat pump pool heaters typically have lower yearly operating costs due to their higher efficiency. Plus, with proper maintenance, heat pump pool heaters usually last much longer than gas pool heaters. This all means you will be saving money.

When you are choosing a heat pump pool heater, you should consider these three things:

- Size

- Efficiency

- Costs

Sizing a Heat Pump Pool Heater

First, let us just say, this section of the blog may not be for everyone. If you’re not a pool geek like we are, not to worry. We do free estimates and we are only a phone call away. Click here to contact us. For those like us, read on 😅.

Sizing up a heat pump pool heater involves many factors. Basically, you first need to determine the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool’s temperature and the average air temperature. In short, a pool that is exposed to high winds, low humidity and cold night time temps will need a larger pool heater. Luckily for us here on the Costa, these factors rarely come into play.

Heat Pump Pool Heater Efficiency

In short, a pool heater’s efficiency is rated in COP or Coefficient of Performance. If you refer to our 2021 Pool Heating Catalogue, you will be able to find the COP for each model we sell. COP numbers can be confusing, but generally, the higher the number, the more efficient. Great COP numbers hover around 5.0. Our numbers are much higher especially when you consider the correct temperature model on our catalogue.

For more in-depth information, we are only a phone call, text or email away. We love helping our customers.

Pool Heater Cost

The cost of a heat pump pool heater is determined by all of the above factors and the temperature you’d like your pool to be. For a higher temp, you will pay more.

Generally a pool heated to 26°C year round with a pool size of 93 Sq meter and electricity rates at .23¢ a KwH is €900. But, that is for year round; that means everyday, even in the summer. Keep in mind that these figures are from a pool heater with a COP of 5.0. Many of our pool heaters operate at higher COPS and will cost a bit less.

But here in Spain, we figure that the months we can not swim are in the winter and early spring. So let’s say 5 months a year. Factoring this into a price point would put us at €400 a year for your pool to run at a perfect temperature.

Why You Should Choose Tropical Energy Solutions

Ok, now that we’ve showed you the data, it is time to show you why our systems are the best heat pump pool heaters on the market.

Tropical Energy Solutions is on the cusp of modern design esthetic and functionality. Our heat pump pool heaters are not just off the shelf of some warehouse, instead they use the latest technology to work great, last for years and save you money. Our pool heaters are all smart enabled, meaning you can control them anywhere on the planet with your smartphone.

All of our pool heaters use Mitsubishi inverters and titanium parts to ensure durability and great value for money.

If you are in the market for a pool heater, give us a call. We offer free estimates and consultations. Our professional installers offer a quality of service unmatched here on the Costa Blanca. We also most likely speak your language so never fear giving us a call.

On 24th July 2021

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