Why pay to have your pool cleaned and maintained every month when you’re not enjoying its benefits all year round?


We run the best, energy efficient, latest generation heat pumps on the market. These heat pumps run at extremely low cost, plus they come with remote smart phone connectivity so you can warm your pool to the desired temperature.

The Costa Blanca has a great climate for heating both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Our relatively warm outdoor temperatures make the use of heat pumps extremely efficient and the best option for pool heating. With so many months of sunshine and good outdoor temperatures, it is possible to swim every month of the year without needing to spend a fortune on pool heating. In general, the summer months require no extra heating. However, we also have suitable outdoor temperatures for swimming during the spring and winter months so, with only a small amount of additional heating, your pool can be warm and comfortable to use.

Pool Heating

Tech Talk

One of the key advantages of an Air Source Heat Pump is that it is capable of delivering much greater energy than it consumes; making it more efficient and cost effective when compared with other hot water generators.

The majority of heat pumps available will offer a Coefficient of Performance of around 5-6, however ours are capable of delivering up to 13. The higher the COP, the lower the running costs!

This means that per 1 kW of electricity consumed, you gain up to 13 kW of heat free of charge from an appliance that is quieter than a small kitchen fridge.

Due to such a high return, this is an energy-efficient solution to enjoy a pleasant swimming pool temperature all year round.

It’s important that you choose the correct size pump to suit your pool size and the volume of water to be heated, and we will be happy to advise on the size based upon your needs.

Many of our models can also be operated from an APP on your phone, meaning you can have your pool ready for use upon your return home.

How do pool heat pumps work?

The heating process starts when electricity powers the compressor to suck the R32 refrigerant and squeeze it until the temperature rises to over 92 Celsius Now the refrigerant goes through an expansion valve, which controls the flow of the refrigerant As pressure is released, the refrigerant becomes a hot, pressure gas.

The pressured gas then flows through the inside of the evaporator coils. As the refrigerant expands into a gas, it cools rapidly and circulates through the evaporator coils. This is when the gas will give up its heat to the surrounding water. The water is never actually exposed to the refrigerant.

Then the fan will draw warm ambient air across the coils, heating the refrigerant gas. This is when your pool heat pump will capture the “free” heat. The warmer the air, the more heat is absorbed by the evaporator.

The cycle is complete when the Freon is reverted back to its liquid state.

The warmed water flows back into your pool, while the heat pump takes in more cool water for another heating cycle. Now you can enjoy your pool all year round

Renewable energy with no emissions or fossil fuels used

Easy to install

Swim all year round

Suffering from aches and pain enjoy the health benefits from a hot Pool

Getting the most out of living in Spain

Low noise

Low running Costs

Very low maintenance and high efficiency

Increased value on your home

Increased holiday Rentals

The advantages over other systems are clear:

  • Solar heaters are restricted by weather conditions

Installing a pool heating system will ensure you maximise the benefit of owning a pool.

Do you rent your property?

If so, statistics shown by a number of rental companies on the Costa Blanca area tell us that people are 10 times more likely to book a villa with a heated pool out of season compared to a villa with an unheated pool.

That repays the investment in one of our high efficiency pool heaters in your very first year, so enjoy the benefit of earning more money from your property.

Pool Heating 10th October 2019